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About This Website

Hello everyone,

The project’s main goal is for me to make a website of recipes that are closest to the most common way a dish is traditional made. I will also be featuring any of your traditional recipes along with any personal info about the dish you wish to share.

To research the recipes, I take a look at least 3 different sources and compare the ingredients and the method. I then compare those ingredients to those of a website in the native language by using Google Translate just for the ingredients. If the method seems to change from person to person in English, I will watch a video of a native to see how they prepare it. Then I will post a list of ingredients and how to cook them along with any photos I take along the way; mostly only on desserts will I give exact measurements.

My personal favorite cuisine is Italian and I have done risotto specials for restaurants along with my best dish, gnocchi. Both dishes are in fact not solely Italian, though I will have weeks solely dedicated to my two favorite dishes to further explain.

As you can see, in a world of adaptation, I hope to preserve the way anyone’s grandparents would have enjoyed the dish for years to come.

Let’s build the archives! Any traditional recipe that you wish to be posted, please send to my email and it will be credited to you along with me posting any photos you have of the dish and/or details you would like to share. If I already have the dish on my website, a sub-menu will be added to the country of origin to showcase everyone’s favorite food.
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